The Penn Journal of Economics (PJE) is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed publication for undergraduates.

Our team consists of current/former students at Penn, Berkeley and MIT.

We aim:

  • To give our authors an additional vehicle for publicizing their research and a greater incentive to engage in it.
  • To provide our undergraduate readers with exemplars of academic projects that may inspire and guide them in pursuing their own.
  • To provide our faculty readers with greater insight into the capabilities of our undergraduate authors.
  • To present all of our readers with insightful articles, results, and interviews of relevance to their common interests.

Students engage in research within a variety of contexts, from honors theses to research assistantships, from independent study to term papers. Broadly, we solicit work that aids in in our academic understanding of social systems and human behavior. After careful review by our referees and discussion among the editorial staff, we publish the work that we find particularly well-executed, interesting, and innovative. Besides being available online, physical copies will be sent to accepted authors and a limited number of interested students.

Header photo: Adolph Menzel, The Iron-Rolling Mill (Modern Cyclops) [1875]