FW: 2016 Research Fellowships Week

The CURF UAB is excited to announce the lineup for the University of Pennsylvania’s 2016 Research and Fellowships Week.  If you are thinking about getting started in research but don’t know how to take the first step, this week is for you.  If you are curious about how to apply for research funding or about how participating in research can feed into a successful application for a major fellowship, you need to attend some of our information sessions!  If you want to ask your peers how they managed to find a faculty mentor and how they are making meaningful contributions to their respective fields, you should come to a Research & Fellowships Week event!

For up-to-the-minute details on any of the events, please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/events/966175436784366/.  We look forward to seeing you there!

2/1, 12noon, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Humanities Panel

Interested in Humanities research but don’t know how to get started?  Join Professors Zachary Lesser (ENGL) and Ralph Rosen (CLST) as they discuss what it means to do research in the Humanities, how to formulate research ideas, how to approach potential mentors successfully and much more!  Lunch will be provided!

2/1, 5pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Social Sciences Panel

Want to learn what it means to do research in the Social Sciences?  Come hear Professors Camille Charles (SOC), Ira Harkavy (URBS), Grace Kao (SOC), and Raili Roy (SAST) talk about what they look for in successful undergraduate researchers, how to get started in their fields and what social science research really looks like on a daily basis.  Refreshments will be served!

2/2, 3pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Business and Economics Panel

Join the CURF UAB and Wonk Tank to learn how to get involved in economics and business research. Professor Frank Schorfheide from the Economics Department, Theodore Caputi–an undergraduate research assistant in Statistics–and Sean Egan–an undergraduate research assistant in Legal Studies & Business Ethics–will be there to discuss their experiences in research, answer questions about how they got involved, and how they hope to see their research progress.  Refreshments will be served!

2/2, 4pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Natural Sciences Panel

Join the CURF UAB and Women in Physics to learn how to get involved in natural sciences research.  Professor Masao Sako (PHYS), Camilla Schneier—an undergraduate research assistant at the nanotechnology/biology interface—and Kalina Slavkova—an undergraduate biophysics major who has worked at EMBL in France will be on hand to lead the discussion.  They will be happy to answer your questions about what Penn undergrads can do to get started in research, how they conduct their research on a daily basis, what it means to be a natural sciences researcher or address whatever research-related issues are on your mind.  Refreshments will be served!

2/2, 5pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Medical and Biological Sciences Panel

Join the CURF UAB and MedX to learn what it means to do medical and biological research and how to get involved.  Professor Ponzy Lu (BCHE), Nikita Agarwal—a biochem/biophysics major working as an RA in Penn’s medical school—and Jason Liu—a current MD/PhD student—will be on hand to talk about their research experiences, how research has shaped their learning outcomes, and what undergraduates can expect when getting started in these fields of research.  Pizza will be provided!

2/3, 4pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Panel

The Penn Museum is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions involved in archaeological and anthropological field work, is a leader in the digital humanities movement, and is home to hundreds of renowned researchers, innumerable artifacts and the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials.  Come hear Professors Janet Monge (ANTH), Megan Kassabaum (ANTH) and Stephen Tinney (NELC, Deputy Director and Chief Curator) talk about how you can become part of the amazing work happening at this exalted establishment.  Refreshments will be served!

2/3, 5pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Engineering Panel

Professors Paulo Arratia (MEAM, CBE), Russell Composto (MSE, BE, CBE, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education) and Mark Yim (MEAM) will be leading a discussion about how undergraduates can get involved in engineering research at Penn.  Come ready to ask questions about what you can do to get started, what professors look for when hiring research assistants, how past students have contributed in their labs and how participating in research can help you in your future endeavors.  Pizza will be served!

2/4, 5:30-7pm, ARCH 208: Spring Research Symposium and Poster Session

Professor Elizabeth Rhoades (CHEM) will be headlining this exciting session where you are invited to meet with over 150 Penn student researchers displaying posters of their research projects with faculty in all 12 Penn schools.  Drop in any time and ask your peers how they found their mentors, how they got their projects started, or how they found funding for their research.  This is a high-energy event that is sure to inspire and motivate you!

2/5, 2pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Meet a CURF UAB member and Research Peer Advisor

Learn what CURF Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) members and Research Peer Advisors (RPAs) do and how they can help you.  Undergraduates who are successfully doing their own research at Penn will talk about how they got started, what road blocks they encountered, and how they found funding to support their research.  Come and hear them talk and you might decide you want to join their ranks—and they’ll tell you how! Refreshments will be served!

2/5, 3pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Fellowships 101

Fellowships 101 sessions cover the basics of postgraduate fellowships — what they are and how you can apply for them.  We will give special attention to major post-baccalaureate international fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Churchill, Thouron, Fulbright) and describe the timeline and requirements for application to each.  This session will also provide undergraduates with strategies for deepening your engagement at Penn and in your extracurricular activities to help you understand the broader context of the application process. Refreshments will be served!

2/5, 4pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: PURM and Other Summer Research Opportunities Information session

Looking for an exciting and productive way to spend your summer? Learn about the many opportunities to get deeply involved in a meaningful and exciting research project during your summer (and beyond)—and see how you can get paid while doing it!  Refreshments will be served!

2/5, 5pm, ARCH Fireside Lounge: Meet a Mitchell Scholar

Hear directly from 2016 Mitchell Scholar Carla Winter about what it’s like to apply for and experience a Mitchell Scholarship. Information about similar scholarships will also be offered. Learn about the amazing opportunities presented by the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, and Thouron Awards. Each of these prestigious post-graduate awards offers a fully-funded one- or two-year graduate degree (with a generous stipend) that connects you with leading minds and future decision-makers from around the world. Recipients of these awards have historically become leaders in the worlds of politics, business, and academe. Each of these awards requires a strong academic record and a clear motivation for spending one to two years at a leading United Kingdom university. Refreshments will be served!