Former Editors, Co-Editors, and Associate Editors

This page attempts to document the history of the editorial board, in the hopes that their sizable contributions to the world after graduation will be unequivocally attributed to their role at the PJE.

The list is roughly ordered by date of departure. Current members are in blue. An asterisk indicates a Managing Editor, while a double asterisk indicates an Editor in Chief. All are Penn undergraduates unless otherwise indicated after their graduation year. Some of us go on to RAships or PhD programs; if you’d like to get in touch with one of us but can’t find our email online, ask the current PJE editor.

  • Katrina Truebenbach (2017)
  • Sabeeh A. Siddiqi (2018) (**)
  • Neil Cholli (2016) (To Economics PhD at Chicago)
  • Modibo K. Camara (2016) (**) (To Economics PhD at Northwestern)
  • Nelson Dong (2019)
  • Anshuman Reddy (2017) (*)
  • Francine Loza (2015, MIT)
  • Rachel Hong (2017)
  • Miguel Rivera-Lanas (2017)
  • Kailash Sundaram (2019)
  • Jenna Wang (2019)
  • Dak Song (2017) (*)
  • Jonathan Liu (2017)
  • Ryan Byun (2017)
  • Andrew Chung (2016)

Other Acknowledgments

We are indebted to three former Presidents of the Undergraduate Economics Society (UES), without whose sponsorship the PJE would not exist today.

  • Sonia Li (2017)
  • Aish Kumar (2015)
  • Pia Figuerola (2015)

Finally, we thank the original team of the UES Committee for Publications and Journal Club, from which the PJE eventually sprouted.

  • Modibo K. Camara (2016)
  • Larry Liam Ching Liu (2015)
  • Brendan Mahoney (2017)
  • Daniel Maldonado (2018)
  • Kevin Pan (2016)
  • Dak Song (2017)
  • Hong Ken Teoh (2017)
  • Jinglan (BerBer) Xue (2016)