Vol. 1, Issue 1

Our first issue was released online during the summer of 2015. Here, we showcase some of the finest work done by Penn undergraduates in recent years, hence the nickname. Submissions were drawn from former winners of Penn’s’ annual Lawrence R. Klein Prize for Outstanding Research in Economics, recommendations by Prof. Kenneth I. Wolpin, and a call for papers issued by the UES in 2012.

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Research Papers

The Role of Retail Investors in Book Built IPOs: Evidence from India (pdf) by Seth W. Pollack (Penn, 2013)

Wildfire Risk and the Residential Housing Market: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis (pdf) by A.J. Rossi (Penn, 2014)

Quality Disclosure, Limited Attention, and the Availability Heuristic: The Influence of College Rankings on Student Demand (pdf) by Kathy Qian (Penn, 2012)

Other Content

Table of Contents (pdf)

Letter from the Editor (pdf)

Editorial Staff (pdf)