Vol. 1, Issue 2

Our second issue was released online during the spring of 2016. After laying our journal’s groundwork and working with the authors to revise/improve their work (all for the better part of a year), we were proud to finally present these papers to our wider audience.

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Research Papers

Did Twitter Mood Really Predict the DJIA? Misadventures in Big Data for Finance (pdf) by Michael Lachanski (Princeton, 2015)

Applications of Machine Learning in Forecasting Regressions: Boosting United States and Japan (pdf) by Jonathan Ma (Princeton, 2015)

Sifting Through the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Contention, Compromise, and Potential Implications (pdf) by Lauren Shapiro (Penn, 2016)

Pharmaceutical Copay Assistance Programs and Patient Drug Choice: Biological Speciality Drugs (pdf w/ Appendix) by Shirley Yarin (Stanford, 2015)

Other Content

Table of Contents (pdf)

Letter from the Editor (pdf)

Editorial Staff (pdf)