Our Fall 2017 Call for Papers are now live. It will conclude on 11th November, 2017. If your university’s fall term ends after that date, feel free contact us (see About page) for an extension.


To submit your paper, please email it to

Editorial Policies

Criteria: We consider the following factors when deciding whether to publish a paper:

  • Originality of research and potential significance to the economics profession.
  • Interest to our readership.
  • Presentation and quality of writing.
  • Complementarities between two or more papers that we publish.

Process: We practice a double-blind peer review with at least two referees looking over any accepted paper. Our referee pool consists of editors, previously published authors, and other volunteers. Papers may be accepted, accepted with a request for changes, invited for a resubmission with a request for changes, or declined. When changes are requested, the author must be available and cooperative in order for an accepted paper to be included in the issue.

Timeline: We try to finish our desk-review within two or three weeks of the paper’s submission. At that point, we’ll email you and, contingent on our approval, send the paper to one or more referees and await their reports.  Depending on the time of year, this may take anywhere from one month to several. While further revisions may be requested, any accepted papers will be marked as “forthcoming” as soon as they are accepted. Authors are encouraged to ask for updates through our submissions email, or – if you don’t hear back – to directly contact an editor (see About page).

Distribution: We intend readers to access our journal online. We also prepare a limited physical distribution. Published authors will receive a copy free-of-charge. Additional copies will be available at the University of Pennsylvania.

Submission Guidelines

Topic: Your paper must be relevant to economics or, more broadly, to social systems and human behavior. Papers in complementary fields such as finance, statistics, mathematics, political science, or international relations are also considered; please note, however, that papers will be judged according to the methodological standards and the research priorities of the economics discipline.

Content: Suggested formats include:

  • Research Papers
  • Literature Reviews
  • Policy Briefs
  • Interview Proposals (see instructions)

There are no formal length restrictions, but the typical research paper will range from 20 to 45 pages (including references and offline appendices). The typical policy brief will range from 4 to 8 pages.

Files: Please send us both a PDF version and a Word/Pages/LaTeX file. Remove all personally identifying information, such as name, school, and professors (but do provide your name/school in your submission email).

Submitting Elsewhere: Any papers published in the PJE must not be published elsewhere. With that said, we allow potential authors to submit their papers to other journals, as long as they either withdraw their submission from us or from the other journals after the preliminary review is complete.

Post-Graduate Submission: Our policy is to consider any work written by pre-doctoral students, particularly as the line between undergraduate and graduate is often blurred (for example, when students sub-matriculate or initiate work during their undergraduate years that is later completed). Indeed, most of our submissions come from graduates submitting their senior theses. Often, these authors are working as research assistants with the intention to apply to PhD programs.

Other Requirements: If your paper is accepted for publication, you will typically be asked to provide:

  • A 100-150 word abstract
  • Files used to construct tables, graphics, or charts
  • Datasets and relevant code

In addition, we may request the author’s help in converting their submission to a LaTeX file.